NEW! Drop Down Now Included In Vertex

This month another new addition to the Vertex Framework is the S5 Ultimate Drop Down. This is a feature that was seen in several Shape 5 designs. Many have asked how to add to other designs so we decided to build this into the framework so every design here on out will have this functionality. Be sure to read more about this new feature here: Features:

  • Customize almost everything! Shadows, borders, gradient, opacity
  • Contains 6 module positions drop_down_1, drop_down_2, drop_down_3, drop_down_4, drop_down_5 and drop_down_6
  • Auto adjust to the height of your content
  • Set your own open and close text
  • And many more features!
Open Panel
Nov 2016


based on: Karen Ristevski (she was kidnapped)


I look at the window staring blankly. “we are going out don’t be up to late” mum says as she walks out the front door, i glimpse up and see my dad he gives me a smile and walks out. I sigh. I go to the book shelf to see what books are there. One catches my eye, its got a blank cover well its been covered in white paper, well more yellowy brown because it seems pretty old, its like its being hided. i open it slowly photos and newspaper clippings fall out on the floor all at my feet. i lose my breath and a tightness appears in my chest, on the top of one the papers it has the words ‘MISSING’ in big bold letters then it has a photo of me when i was about ten. “what no missing? this doesn’t what” I mutter to myself. My parents walk through the door and stop. I turn quick on my heel and show them the newspaper article in my hand “this is me, what is this, I’m not missing” i managed to get out without shortness of breath. They stare blankly “sweetie” my mum bends down to eye level with me “this isn’t you, it looks nothing like you, are you feeling okay?” my mum says slowly. “ARE YOU CRAZY THIS IS ME” i shout frustration laced through my voice. “calm down Karen” my dad says calmly. I begin to start to shouting my protest again but before i know a cloth is put to my mouth and all i see is darkness. “should we kill her?” I hear my dads voice, i open my eye to see my parents talking i quickly shut them closed again and listen. “no we cant” mum says abruptly “why this is the second time she has found out she’s becoming a burden for gods sake” he replies “no give her one more chance she is our child” “we took her she’s not everyone already thinks she’s dead it will make no difference” “one chance ill hid the newspaper clippings better this time” “hmmm fine when she wakes up nothing happened it was all a dream” “got it” i hear the foot steps getting further and further away. “Karen wake up” my eyes adjust to the light and i see my ‘dad’ standing at the door. “you had a bad dream woke up screaming so we put you on the couch down here” he says with a smile, “oh okay, thanks” i reply quietly. He smiles then turns on his heel to walk away. He wanted to kill me last night what a sick person. i push away any traces of fear and act normal. “hey sweet how did you sleep? dad told me you had a nightmare?” she says waiting for my reply “well okay i guess, I’m still pretty tired so i might go sleep for a bit longer”


Evie Yallouz


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