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May 2014

Sleeping Hazel

In 1861, Hazel, a strange nine year old was brutally murdered. It is said that whoever finds her grave will

suffer the same horrible fate which she had to endure…no one believed the urban legend but on one

unfortunate night, when the dead are able to mingle with the living, legend became reality…


It was a stormy Halloween night, the wind howled and the trees shook with fear. Jacob and Gabe had

decided to take their girlfriends to the abandoned children’s graveyard for the night as a dare. The girls

hid behind their dates as the four of them made their way; Jacob had his doubts about the dare but kept

his mouth shut. The last thing he wanted was for Gabe to think of him as a coward. They all knew about

Hazel’s grave sitting in the graveyard but none of them thought that they would be the unfortunate

ones to discover its whereabouts. Gabe led the way, guiding his girlfriend through the broken graves.

The graveyard looked more ominous than usual. Small tombstones pieces lay scattered on the ground,

covered in weeds and thorns. The angel statues still remained intact, their faces tilted upwards in a

silent but hopeful prayer, covered in green moss which hid their striking features. A beautiful moon

shied away from the danger that was to come behind grey clouds and the willow trees surrounding the

teenagers looked as if they wanted to run but their limp branches wouldn’t be enough to carry them

as far away as possible. The group was becoming more wary as they passed the still pond…how could

that be? The trees were shaking violently and a chill had set deep within their bones making it harder to

climb up the hill. The girls panicked and tried desperately to convince their boyfriends to turn around.

Their desperate suggestion fell on deaf ears; Jacob and Gabe were intent on making it up that hill. The

girls accepted to be carried up the hill, hoping that after they made it up they could turn around and get

out of there. They followed the small stone path till they reached the very top. Out of breath the boys

took a seat on the damp grass and leaned their heads on the lonely hazelnut tree. The girls slowly took

a seat next to each other but found it really uncomfortable, almost as if they were sitting on concrete.

Getting up the boys investigated and found a patch of moss, wiping it off with his jacket Jacob found a

concrete slab with the name ‘Susie McDonald 1852-1861’.


The girls took a step back, fear evident on their beautiful faces. Jacob paled but stood his ground whilst

Gabe went on about how it was just a stupid urban legend created to scare people away from coming

to the graveyard. Jacob spoke up deciding to take the girls back home. Gabe remained even though the

three had begun making their way down the hill. Frowning, he turned around only to find scarlet liquid

forming a puddle beneath his feet. He tried to move but he couldn’t break free of the silent spell that

was cast upon him.


The three teenagers made their way down the hill and out the graveyard without another glance at

Gabe. He was known for being stubborn so if he wanted to spend the night there he could for all they

cared. Unaware of the situation Gabe was in they climbed into Jacob’s car and made their way home.

Jacob was awakened early in the morning by a knock on the door. His older brother had beaten him

to the door. Two police officers stood at the door looking gloomy. Jacob and his brother invited them

inside and woke up their parents. The police officers explained last night’s events in detail. Gabe had

been found dead, lying on the ground near a slab of concrete with the number 1 written with blood on

it, Gabe’s blood. He had bled to death on the hill by himself. The police officers thought that he might

have slipped and hit his head on the concrete slab and that he had tried to leave a message, but Jacob

and the girls knew better… Hazel had been awakened and she was coming for one of them next. After

the officers had left Jacob ran around the house checking, making sure that everything was locked and

that there was no way anyone could get inside the house. That night as he lay in bed he tried to process

the fact that his best friend had died because they hadn’t been there to save him, to help him fight

Hazel. Tick…tock…tick…tock…Jacob woke up. What is that? He thought to himself as he descended the

stairs. Turning left to head into the study he stood in front of the grandfather clock but found it stuck

on the number 8. Frowning he followed the ticking sound and found himself staring at the front of his

bathroom. Opening the door gingerly he stepped inside and turned on the light… the next morning

Jacob was found in his bathroom, his body torn into eight pieces and the number eight written on the

bathroom mirror with his blood.


The police officers couldn’t crack the case and it soon became news all around the world, rumors of the

legend being true where whispered among the citizens. The two girls knew what was coming for them

and they were ready. They had security cameras and alarms set up in their shared apartment so that

they would know if something was coming for them. After a week had passed and the rumors had seem

to calm down the girls relaxed. They were just being paranoid. One day the mother of one of the girls

had gotten in a car accident and the girl had to leave for a week. On that night the lonely girl sat in her

sofa curled up, her phone next to her in case of an emergency, watching a comedy to ease her worries.

As the night advanced she found herself being drawn to the kitchen… she was found after a week by her

roommate. Her throat had been slit open and the number 6 had been carved out on her chest.

The police didn’t want the population to panic so they kept the case a secret but when the culprit

couldn’t be found word got out of the serial killer also known as Hazel being released from her grave.

The remaining girl decided to go and live with her family in hopes of escaping the treacherous curse that

was cast upon the sleepy town. One night as she got up to have a drink of water she felt an urge to go

into her mum’s sowing room… the next day she was found lying on a table her eyes ripped out of their

sockets and her mouth sown up. The number 1 was stitched on her right cheek.

Gabe was found near the grave with the number 1 written in blood.

Jacob was found ripped up into 8 pieces.

One of the girls was found with her throat slit up and the number 6 carved out on her chest.

The last girl was found with the number 1 stitched on her cheek and her eyes had been ripped out.

In 1861 all of these horrible fates had occurred to Hazel, who was accused a witch for not being able to




by Alessia


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  1. Avathika says:

    I really liked it. Nice plot, couldn’t stop reading.

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