NEW! Drop Down Now Included In Vertex

This month another new addition to the Vertex Framework is the S5 Ultimate Drop Down. This is a feature that was seen in several Shape 5 designs. Many have asked how to add to other designs so we decided to build this into the framework so every design here on out will have this functionality. Be sure to read more about this new feature here: Features:

  • Customize almost everything! Shadows, borders, gradient, opacity
  • Contains 6 module positions drop_down_1, drop_down_2, drop_down_3, drop_down_4, drop_down_5 and drop_down_6
  • Auto adjust to the height of your content
  • Set your own open and close text
  • And many more features!
Open Panel
Nov 2016

The plane was two hours late . . .

The plane was two hours late. I was expecting a better story. A young lady came into my office asking me to find her sister. The young lady’s name was Rachel Steele. Rachel was a long and skinny girl. She had long, curly, blonde hair and dark red lipstick. She looked like a classy rich lady. Rachel walked slowly up to me, creating a quiet tapping noise with her heels

“ Please help me detective,” she said seductively.

“ Don’t call me that, it’s Christopher Earl,” I said back to her.

“Mr Earl, the plane is two hours late, I want you to help me find my sister Wisteria.”

“ Madam, I will do something, but there is not much I can do until police have confirmed the plane is missing.”

She grabbed my tie and pulled me closer to her. I was looking straight at her luminous green eyes. I could smell her sweet perfume. She whispered thank you detectives into my ear. She puckered her lips and tried to kiss me.  I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back.

“ Miss Steele, I see there is a ring on  the fourth finger on the left hand, I’m assuming you are married.”

“ No engaged, to a talented and kind man.

She gave me her phone number and again thanked me. She walked off out of the office leaving her fragrant perfume smell.


I started my case by going to the airport and try to find my suspects. There waiting for me was my childhood friend Mark Summers . He was the head police at the department. I could always rely on him when I needed to solve a case.

“ Another case Christ?” He said.

I nodded my head, still thinking about Rachel. Mark gave me access to the surveillance room. I watched the footage to see if Wisteria was with anyone before the plane took off. This is not the first time I did a case for the Steele family. This family had a rich and powerful background and they are known for producing some of the biggest companies in America. While I was watching the videos, the janitor came in. He had shaggy grey hair and wore baggy, sloppy clothes. I went up to him and asked him whether he knew something about the missing plane. I looked at his name tag and saw the name Shay. I tried to start a friendly conversation with him.

“ Good Evening Shay,” I said.

“I know what you want, go ahead, spit out the question,” he replied.

“Thank you, I will, what do you know about…”

“Wisteria Steele, the youngest daughter of the Steele family. Also considered as the smartest and prettiest girl in the family.”

In my head I thought, is it possible for anyone to be prettier that Rachel.

“I don’t like that family though.” Shay said


“I was originally working as a manager in one the Steele family’s company. Although after all my hard effort and work, they get all the praise and decide to sack me.”


After hearing this, I had a bad feeling about Shay. I walked out still thinking what of the outcome of the plane not being found. I stood still and let my thoughts wander, the environment I was in. It was busy, but there wasn’t much of a commotion. I could hear people’s foot steps. Several people walked past me like a man in a suit with his briefcase, a few families and I want to quickly figure this case out.


It has been three days, since the plane went missing. I picked up the card with miss Steele’s number. I stared at it and decided to call her. I wasn’t expecting her to pick up. Then I hear a sweet voice.

“ Hello, who is this?” she said.

“ It’s Christopher,” I replied.

“ Oh, hello I was wondering if…”

“ … If I have any news about your sister.”

“No, no, I was wondering, if you would like to come over for a cup of tea.”

“Umm, I’m not sure.”

“Please, I’m quite lonely without my sister.”


I got my coat on and walked out of the office into the cold.


I got to Miss Steele’s house. All the rumours were true, they were definitely a rich family. The house was huge. The mansion was sitting in the middle of a big chunk of land. It was all surrounded with a stone gate.   Inside you could see a clean, green garden filled with the prettiest flowers. I walked through the gates and up the stairs to the door. The tip of my finger touched the cold doorbell, leaving a loud ringing noise in my ears. The door opened, and there a man stood with no emotion in his face. Blood stained his suit and started to drip on the floor. He fell forward. I went down to help him, trying to find where the wound was. It was in his back. He said “ Rachel is…” then he closed his eyes. I frantically get up and ran into the house to see where Rachel was. Rachel was missing.


Lani Nguyen 9TH


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